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Red 'RB' Logo

I finished my own logo! Yay! Okay, enough being excited. I've wanted one for years, but I never took the time. This logo is absolutely nothing like the one I originally wanted. That's because I didn't use even a bit of that idea. It was more complicated and I'm just learning my vector app (yes, still, all these *months later), so I went for something easier. Or so I thought. I worked on it for weeks. Partly because I don't know what I'm doing, partly because I didn't have a lot of extra free time, but mostly because I just wanted to do something else whenever I wasn't working (e.g. video games, reading, drawing weapons, TV). Eventually, I think I'll refine it, when I use a more precise program. At the same time I was working on a little #CoulsonLives project, which is almost done. It just needs a few adjustments. Watch out for it here in the next few days...hopefully. I'll explain that "hopefully" later.

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