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Beginning of the End :: Art of Level 7
Season 1, Episode 22 Preview


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Exclusively revealed by Entertainment Weekly, this is the sixth and final print in the Art of Level 7 series for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. After everything that's happened this season, and particularly in the last five soul-crushing episodes of the Uprising arc, the "Beginning of the End" should be a really significant finale.

I expected to love this show because it combined Marvel, Joss Whedon and other highly creative people in his orbit, including brother Jed, and the unassuming Clark Gregg, who turned into a fan favorite with just a few quippy lines and that everyman feel that helps to ground the superhero stories. It's a show that surrounded our mysteriously resurrected hero with a ragtag group of people who became family, who were then betrayed by one in their ranks. It was a moment I fully expected from the Whedonverse but still didn't see coming. It hurt and that's why I loved it so much, because it meant that I actually cared.

This print fantastically sums up these last episodes. The S.H.I.E.L.D. logo is shattered by the glowing red Hydra logo behind it, the team standing below, resolute. Ward is even there. I wonder if that means something. This print brings a sad smile to my face, and it might even ease the sting of waiting impatiently for the summer to be over. Or it might worsen it. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D is truly a damn great show.

You can get your copy at 4:00 AM EST/1:00 AM PST for $49.99 in the Marvel Store. It's a limited edition of 100 and it's the last one, so you don't want to wait. I have had my iPad alarm set for 3:45 for the past five weeks...even when I wasn't going to be buying. Lost a bit of sleep those days that I didn't have to. *sigh* Also, "Nothing Personal" and "Ragtag" are still available. They are both very nice prints. I can attest that they come on good, thick stock and are carefully packaged. My "Providence" print is beautiful. I haven't shown it yet, because I don't have a frame. I should be getting one tomorrow.

As always, I learned of the print through ShieldTV. Give them a visit.

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