Doctor Who
Doctor, Doctor and the Stargate


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Two great sci-fi shows that taste great together. You can't go wrong with today's picks at Ript Apparel that combine Stargate with Doctor Who. Well, you can if you only get one. Don't know how I could choose. I love both Ten, the delightful David Tennant, and Eleven, the marvelous Matt Smith.

I apologize for posting these so late today. I got a late start because How to Train Your Dragon 2 running in my head and a warm room and unconfortable pillows wouldn't let me sleep. Then I was anxiously awaiting something and forgot about the shirts. But don't worry, you can still get Stargate DR-10 and Stargate DR-11 for $10 each plus $2.98 shipping until the end of the day.

These shirts aren't available anymore, but you can watch Lines of Fury's Red Bubble store and hope they show up some day, or try to get the ball rolling by asking politely.


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