Redshirt Tee Time at TeeFury


 photo 1403204726_b-MCO-Redshirt_zps294faa8a.png

I think you figured it out quite quickly, but I have to say something. Here comes the old yet still funny joke about sending in the Red Shirts. They get a couple minutes of screen time and then go on an away mission and are never seen again. Their families must be devastated. You'd think after all this time that it would be very played out. But once in a while someone comes along and makes you shoot milk out of your nose thinking about those poor, insignificant extras who get killed by some monster five minutes after they land on the planet. Boy, am I happy Guy Fleegman (Galaxy Quest [Blu-ray] ) wasn't wearing the dreaded color. And this one is simple and clever: a Trek engineering insignia for the nasal aperture, the Enterprise designation branded on the forehead, and it's red, of course. I love it when t-shirt designers are also comedians. The only thing that would have made this better would have been if it were a TwoFury with a competing shirt about Stormtrooper hand-eye coordination.

There are 15 hours left to get Redshirt for $11. Tomorrow it will be more expensive and available until noon. After that you'll have to hope that the artist puts it up for sale elsewhere. If you miss it, maybe you'll be happy with the equally funny Enlist!

Redshirt is now available for $25.48 in iWilding's RedBubble store.


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