Night Fury Folklore Vs Some Peanuts Up There


 photo 1402932573_TFX2_Fury_Left_zps4bf08cb1.png  photo 1402932590_TFX2_UpThere_Right_zpsf4014ebc.png

Two of my favorite animated movies are up against each other today. If I were buying anything right now, this would be a hard decision. Night Fury Folklore features Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon, adorable as always, in a beautiful design. Just look at that face. And Some Peanuts Up There features Russell, Mr. Fredricksen, Dug, and Kevin from Up. I never really cared for Peanuts, but the heart-warming effects of Pixar absolutely makes up for that. I would probably have to get both.

These two wonderful shirts are available until the end of the day. They're $11 each, $12 for 2XL, and $13 for 3XL.

NIGHT FURY FOLKLORE is available in Bamboota's RedBubble store for $28.08.
SOME PEANUTS UP THERE is available in Valeocchiblu's RedBubble store for $25.52.


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