Goodnight Fury and Portal Balloon Tees


 photo goodnight-fury_zpsc3ed3bf7.jpg
 photo portal-balloon_zps3115caff.jpg

Wait a sec, I'm confused. What does a Night Fury from How to Train Your Dragon have to do with Chell and a companion cube from Portal in the style of Banksy's Girl With a Balloon? When Ript pits shirts against each other, they usually are about similar subjects. Or at least they used to be. Or I just imagined it that way. Things were simpler when there was just one shirt per day. Oh well, doesn't matter. I love them both.

Goodnight Fury by RebelArt and Portal Balloon by Valentinaocchiblu (who also created Some Peanuts UP There), are available for $10 until the end of the day. Tomorrow they increase to $15. After that they may be available on the artist's websites, but there is no guarantee.

Goodnight Fury can now be found in RebelArt's TeePublic store.
Portal Balloon can be found in Valentinaocchiblu's NeatoShop.


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