I have never seen a more eerily gorgeous Batman shirt, or Batman anything.

 photo 1634253614a3f40bd94f91b9e128320b_zpszogfcdd3.jpg

I would absolutely buy this for me, or my brother (who is REALLY into the Arkham games and Christopher Nolan's movies), if only I hadn't spent so much money satisfying my new Twin Peaks obsession recently. I'll definitely get it in the future if the artist, AlynSpiller, makes it available somewhere else. For now it's available for today only starting at $11 at TeeFury. [Edit: I actually did end up buying Emergence for my brother. I showed it to him and he just had to have it...in two colors. I think I'll make it his three and a half months early birthday present.]

You can read more at ConsoleLife, where I talk a little bit about Arkham Knight (now available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4) and the fact that it can be hard to find time to play games.

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