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Normally, I don't post t-shirts on this site unless I've seen and loved the series, movie, game, book, whatever. Then I can actually write about what it means to me rather than just post a pic and expect people to open their wallets. Even if it's a very popular thing, if I don't like it or I haven't made it to the theater, I'll skip it, sometimes save it for later if I ever do see it and if the shirt is an amazing design.

But I'm making an exception for Inside Out today. First of all, it's from Pixar and that's just about always a sign of quality in story, character, and animation. Then there's Louis Black playing Anger! He was born for this role. But the best reason to see this movie is that people are saying it actually is fantastic. I keep seeing tweets and reviews about how Inside Out is a must see. And there are plenty of interviews with Kyle MacLachlan, the dad in the movie. Of course, he's promoting the movie, but MacLachlan is always a genuine person and you can tell he really loved the experience and how it turned out. The sentiment always comes down to Inside Out being surprising and "emotionally fulfilling," as he said in this JoBlo interview.

[UPDATE] I saw this movie and I loved it completely. I laughed. I tried not to cry. I have another Pixar favorite.

Now, I don't love to cry, unless I'm alone. But I love Pixar and I always look forward to their heart-tugging moments. So there is no way I am missing this movie. Unfortunately, I might be going alone. My family doesn't seem to be interested. This is the family that immensely enjoyed all the Pixar films we saw - only missed two. We quote Monsters, Inc. and Monsters University, Finding Nemo, WALL-E and Up all the time. So what the heck? I think it's the commercials. The teasers didn't tease enough to get them interested....even with Louis Black. It's possible I'll have to wait until it comes out on Blu-ray. And I'm sure after I see it, I'll be wanting an Inside Out shirt of my own.

[UPDATE] These shirts, both by the fantastic Drew Wise, have been moved to the TeeFury Gallery and now start at $20 each. If they ever get removed from the gallery, leave a comment and I'll try to find them again for you.

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