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Attack On Dinosaur, Blue No Text by Justyna DorszThe Raptor Squad by zerobriant Hold On to Your Butts by TabnersJurassic Toy Story by trheewood

Must go faster!

It has been quite a while since I've talked about t-shirts. The Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Art of Evolution prints pretty much became all there was for me for eleven weeks, and since then I've been writing a really long post about the spectacular, bittersweet finale. That won't be done any time soon, so I'm finally getting back into the one-a-day t-shirt world (or fifteen-a-week, in the case of collections).

I was supposed to bring this sale to you last weekend, but that's when TeeFury moved to a new affiliate network and that's when I was kicked out of the program. I hadn't sent any customers their way in a while, because life happened, so I thought they no longer wanted me. Good thing I kept a cool head and worded my email to them as discouraged but curious rather than unleashing the wrath of a thousand gods. I personally find that the former tends to get better results.

Turns out it just was a mistake and everything was cleared up. But it coincided with a sale I'd been looking forward to of tees that celebrate Jurassic World, the already very successful third sequel to one of my all-time favorites. I have a number of movies I count as favorites, and only The Princess Bride I think I watched more than Jurassic Park, but only because I'm usually more in the mood for laughs. So those are my top two, and when clever t-shirts are designed with either of them in mind, I get excited.

This collection was supposed to end on June 22. Luckily, it seems the sale has been extended for another four days. Just for me? Haha, no. I assume it's because they added a bunch of other great shirts that they hadn't started the sale with, two or three of which I badly want, one of which I may just get. I really have to curb my spending, though. I recently fell madly in love with Twin Peaks and I've gone mad buying all the things.

To showcase here, I picked my four favorite shirts of the ones I don't own (Gotta Love Me and Jurassic Bingo) or haven't already posted/seen before (Jurassic Aquarium, Just Keep Flying, Dino DNA). Wow, Super Jurassic World is adorable with a bunch of Yoshis following Mario, but I'll save that for a looooong overdue post on ConsoleLife...if I can get to that later. Nah, I don't think I'll have the time since it's Father's Day. I'll be a bit busy. I also actually need to see Jurassic World. I'm always at least a week behind on every movie. But I heard good things from @docsaico and I'm really itching to see it. [Update] Ooh, just heard from my brother that we will be seeing JW today, very soon. I should go get ready now.

Tees start at $20 each and the shipping is more than reasonable, starting at $3. If none of these designs appeal to you, check out the rest of the Dino DNA Collection. The ones I mentioned already that I own or have posted before are highly recommended. [Update] I couldn't help myself. I bought the first two shirts below, Attack on Dinosaur - Blue (No Text) and The Raptor Squad. They were just too good to pass up. And I couldn't choose between them. One represents the old and I had to celebrate the new, since Jurassic World was a lot of fun...except for the people next to me giggling constantly at the most inappropriate moments. It's not always funny to see someone who didn't deserve it get eaten by a dino. Now I have to go again at a less crowded time so I can pay attention to the movie instead.

[Update, 7/24/15]  Finally got to see it again, this time in a nearly empty theater. No one next to me being distracting. So much better. More fun, more emotional. I actually got a chill this time.

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