Rediscovering ~ Pandora


I kind of lost touch with Pandora after Lala added streaming music to their CD trading site. It became my number one daily music destination and all others just faded away. Then Lala was bought and buried by Apple. If you could be inside my brain for a while, you would hear it screaming "Fuck you, Apple!" every time I thought about music. I had nowhere to go, so I drifted from MOG to Grooveshark to Rdio and everywhere in between. Nothing matched Lala. And I didn't return to Pandora for some reason.

I've been away from music for a couple weeks just because of life thingies, like my computer needing a lobotomy. When everything returned to normal I randomly thought maybe I can do my transcription work with music on in the background, because my computer was running like new again and would be able to multitask. Why have I never thought of this before? Pandora would be perfect for that because it's an auto DJ and I already had my stations set up. Perfect. Yay! And I have a Firefox extension that scrobbles from Pandora to, the site that gets the community aspect of Lala right. I have a feeling I'll be using it a lot now. Good. I discovered Joachim Witt there quite a while ago, when it was a regular music destination. I am indebted to them. I'll also be Spotify-ing for their great playlists.

Some discoveries from Pandora yesterday:


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The Doctor's Moments ~ Stunned


Spoilers follow in the words and the videos. Don't watch if you're not finished with the most recent season.

It's about damn time for another way past due installment of The Doctor's Moments. I started this as a way to show off my favorite scenes and the incredible talents of David Tennant and Matt Smith. I try to find the most compelling moments, so maybe someone who has never seen Doctor Who before will wonder how they ever lived without it. Of course, those of us who are already fans can also have fun refreshing our memories.

David Tennant // After Donna is lost in "Forest of the Dead," River whispers something to The Doctor that takes his breath away and gains his trust. Was it his name? Matt Smith's Doctor whispers something to River in "Let's Kill Hitler" and "The Wedding of River Song." Was it either of those times she discovered what he would need to hear in The Library?

Matt Smith // In "The Rebel Flesh" a ganger is killed by a human. Smith's unrestrained astonishment in his "real human heart" speech is quite the opposite of Tennant's breathless stillness.

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To Be Continued...


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Linguistic Hilarity #2


Thanks go to funnyman John Clarke for contributing (and to The Prop for tweeting) his top ten to Two Paddocks today and, in doing so, introducing me to The Two Ronnies. I had to stop watching after a few videos, because I was laughing so much it hurt. He recommended "Fork Handles." I followed up with "Mispronunciation" and "Pismonuncers Unanimous," which reminded me of Victor Borge's "Phonetic Punctuation," and "Inflationary Language."


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For Thoughts On Games Go To...


You may have noticed that I only mention talking about TV, movies, people, and maybe a bit of music in my little "about me" on the right over there. "Why no video games?" you may ask. "Do you not play?" Well, yes I do. It just so happens that I started a separate site for them, with the intention that I would update it quite frequently. It actually has been something I wanted to do for about ten years. But I was so swamped with other things that, even though I've been playing, I mostly worked on ideas for this blog, of which I apparently have a lot more. Never start more than one blog at a time; you will regret it.

Look at that, not getting to the point again. Go watch Jeremy Clarkson relaying the specs of Halo's Warthog at Console Life if you're in the mood for some game-related content instead of reading how awesome David Tennant, Alan Rickman, or John Noble are...again.


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