Ugh, Taxes and User Unfriendliness


A while ago I overpaid my estimated taxes (doubled them!), because I apparently had scheduled an automatic payment the quarter before. And I wouldn't think there would be a point in trying to get it refunded, because it's the government and they would probably just give me the runaround and tell me it will be refunded at tax time. So, I saved myself the hassle. And who knows? I might end up owing more anyway, so I took the hit.

Well, it's getting to be that time again and fortunately I remembered what happened last time. Of course, I couldn't be sure it was going to be automatic again. It could have been a one-time thing. You never want to be wondering about that, especially not if you use TaxAct. It's a bit of a nightmare to find the information I needed. I was going through the forms again as if I was going to file. After searches didn't help in the slightest, I found it in the Electronic Filing Status Report, which you can find by clicking "My TaxAct" on the top right, which I tried immediately but didn't kniw where to go after that. In there is a line that says, "Click here to view the Federal Electronic Filing Instructions for this return." And there they are: the next two payments set to go. It's nice not to completely waste money that I could be using for Christmas instead. Woohoo!


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