Apparel from the Fringe


More Fringe t-shirts (and things) than you could ever possibly need or afford.

I should probably start with #WhereIsPeterBishop?, a simple but incredibly poignant shirt with the hashtag Fringe fans were using all summer while wondering and worrying about the disappearance of one of the beloved main characters. I want this shirt just to hold onto the "Did they really just do that?" feeling. It's from TV Teez and is available in men's sizes and sweatshirts.

#WhereIsPeterBishop? inspired a lovely fan response from around the world.

FringeTV @ CafePress
There is a ridiculous amount of stuff to choose from here, including pages upon pages of iPad cases. I'm thinking about becoming rich just so I can get everything here. A couple months ago I bought two Fringe shirts from The Fringe Podcast's Cafe Press store, so I know they are good quality. But get your regular size. These do NOT come small.
I don't know these people, so I can't vouch for them. But I really like this shirt. It's black with a splash of color and a nice glow.

Glyph Alphabet
This shirt has all the the glyphs in alphabetical order. Me wantee! Again, do your research. I have not shopped here before.

Future Fringe Division Logo
More from The Fringe Podcast. I love this logo. Also comes in women's sizes and other colors.

Reiden Lake
A Reiden Lake shirt? Hell yes. It's a beautiful place, where the fabric of reality was torn. Thank you, TV Teez.

Violet Sedan Chair
I love the idea that non Fringe fans will have no idea what this is about, just like Delicious Strawberry-Flavored Death from The Fringe Podcast.

Every Lab Needs a Cow
And last but not least, I don't particularly like baseball jerseys, but this one is a keeper. You can also get it as a t-shirt. In the highly unlikely chance that I ever have a lab, I promise there will be a cow named Gene. 

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This post is thanks to a comment left by WholesaleClothesOnline.


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Why I Watch ~ Person of Interest


I started watching Person of Interest solely because of Michael Emerson. I will continue with it because Emerson has a talent for moving me with a single tear or a few trembling words, a talent which has been subtly hinted at a few times so far in this fledgling series. Need evidence? I give you his best scene from Lost. Here he has just escaped from digging his own grave. Fun times.

The fact that the show is a J.J. Abrams idea wasn't a turn off, even though I found the end of Lost disappointing, to say the least. Star Trek and Fringe (certainly Abrams' finest creation) buy him a lot of good will with me. I love the idea: a big brother computer system that its billionaire genius inventor is secretly using to save people along with the hired muscle, a stoic former CIA agent. I haven't really warmed up to Caviezel's nearly expressionless face, but he's on the side of good, kicks a lot of ass, and creates some great tension, so I'll cut him a little slack. On a side note, these two keep bringing to mind a Bruce Wayne who can no longer directly fight crime, somehow extricates Batman from his psyche, and sends Bats off on missions, minus the suit and all the cool toys.

Each week is a new case, as is standard for procedurals. I can tolerate this if a show is good enough, and it's what Fringe seemed to be until it started showing how gorgeously layered it was. What I always gravitate towards are the little pieces of character backstory, and that is slowly unfolding here. There is no friendship as of yet, but we do have a building trust. Now that the show has been picked up for a whole season, it'll have the necessary time to build those layers it's going to need to be truly memorable.

Edit, 11-4-11: Found this video last week, but I didn't get to watch until just now. Here Emerson mentions the possible friendship between the two main characters.


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Fringe Cast Interviews ~ Novation


Fox posted another great installment in their Fringe cast interviews yesterday. As always, it is obvious the love this outstandingly talented group has for this incredible show. They exude enthusiasm and a feeling that they aren't just there for the paycheck, that they truly care.

I will be with Fringe until its last breath, a fact that I am sure of because the writers seem to instinctually know where every beat belongs, how every little piece needs to fit together. They don't feel *lost* and spinning their wheels. They continually evolve and present new situations while resolving old ones, even regularly tasking the actors with playing different versions of their characters and putting a fresh, exciting, and often poignant spin on things. Fringe has never disappointed and always leaves me anxiously waiting every week for more of the fun, humor, oddities, creepiness, sweetness, and, yes, even the tears; the broken are often the most beautiful. It answers questions, instead of only asking them, and leaves viewers at the end of each season with an audible gasp to contemplate consequences and scenarios for the entire summer, often on Hulu boards or blogs like

P.S. I want more of that background music. And, holy crap, it is hard to write while I'm watching Psych. I absolutely loved tonight's Halloween episode, especially when Gus was pretending to pound a stake into Shawn's heart, but on the wrong side. And, aww, Lassiter is in love. So cute. I never imagined Lassie would get a girlfriend.


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Similar to Wish?


Last night I was delighted to see an email from Paperback Swap saying that a book similar to the one I was wishing for was just listed. What was I wishing for? Inkscape: Guide to a Vector Drawing Program (4th edition). What did they offer? Transformers Dark of the Moon: Bumblebee's Best Friend. WTF? Uh, thanks PBS. That was really awesome. So close.

I usually love trading sites because for a few dollars you can get rid of a book you're done with, you didn't like, or you never wanted in the first place and replace it with something "new." It doesn't give you that bit of extra space in your room that you so desperately need, but it can be faster than trying to sell at Amazon, eBay, or your regular marketplace of choice. Unfortunately, unlike's even three-way trades, Paperback Swap has a credit system, a system that results in more first. Because the books I want cover things such as programming, graphic arts, or bladesmithing and the books I have are much more popular novels, this results in very uneven trading.

I currently have seven credits that I can't use on anything in my wish list. I could use them all on my reminder list, but those are not priorities. I had to put my account on vacation hold several times, but the day it comes off it finds another trade, a trade I can't afford if I'm getting nothing in return. Looking at the status of my wish list, it seems that I will have to put my account on hold for eternity. Or I need to find something else, several something elses, to want. Edit: a few minutes later - Thanks to Entertainment Weekly's excellent reviews in the October 28, 2011 issue, the first two new books for my wish list will be Harry Potter: Page to Screen by Bob McCabe and 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami.

I could use these credits at their sister site SwapaCD, but nothing I want ever gets traded there either. And I don't have enough DVDs to trade to even bother with SwapaDVD.

Disappointed right now.


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Trimmed Syfy Theme Songs


Didn't Sanctuary have an opening credits theme a couple seasons ago? I remember loving it and haven't heard it in quite a long while. Sounds like an incredibly easy job for YouTube... Yup, here it is.

Speaking of trimmed songs, I don't think I heard the full Warehouse 13 theme this season.

The pathetic few seconds both shows have now do not count as music; they're just a few notes. I guess they really cut into commercial time. Really annoying. I hope it doesn't happen to Haven, too. That atmospheric beauty adds to the mood of the show.

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Rediscovering ~ Brent Spiner


Not counting random episodes of Next Generation or a few brief minutes of Independence Day once in a while, I haven't regularly seen Brent Spiner in years, since Threshold. Recently, Alphas reminded me he's one of my favorite people, so I owe a big thank you to that wonderful series. Soon after - might have been the same night - I ended up following him on Twitter and then found Fresh Hell, a Web series he stars in as an alternate version of himself where there was an incident that turned him into "that guy everybody hates." Interesting premise, because, seriously, how could anyone not have an affection for him? He's a great actor, witty in interviews and at conventions, and comes across as warm, genuine, and good-natured.

According to a picture Mr. Spiner posted on Twitter and small blurbs on entertainment sites, and which many have blogged about by now, he's going to be on The Big Bang Theory tomorrow, October 13. I hope these recent guest parts lead to something more. I've heard him saying that no one would give him a show (WHAT?!), which is how Fresh Hell came about.

Fresh Hell // My favorite episode is its last. The burning mice scene is unforgettable. Sounds awful, but I can't stop smiling about it three weeks later. This is when I knew I needed more. I'm very happy that the second season is currently shooting.


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I'm Living with Lord Voldemort


In Last Man Standing, the response to that line of "...he sounds like a very caring father," really makes no sense. What sounds caring? Lord or Voldemort? Because that seems to be the only information he's working with there. I wonder how much was cut out of that conversation. It might be funny if over the last thirteen years there hadn't been seven Potter books and eight movies. Not to mention countless commercials. Being so clueless really isn't even worthy of a sympathy chuckle.

I like Tim Allen, but this looks to be a completely average comedy made of bits of Home Improvement and 8 Simple Rules, only with less laughs and heart (RIP John Ritter), and countless others I'm sure. I would be surprised if any originality surfaced. But I've seen maybe two minutes of the show, so I will try to reserve actual judgment for the first episode, since there's a chance it's just incompetent editing. That's if I can be bothered to watch. Right now I'm thinking, "M-E-H. Meh." Please, surprise me.


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An Indelible Mark ~ Fantastic Fringe Vids [1]


Only two episodes into Season 4 and Fringe is already as beautiful as anything that's come before, thanks to the set up of last season's epic, terrific, and gutting finale. Not surprisingly, it is already inspiring new fan vids. Here's a lump in the throat one that sums up the father-son relationship between Walter and Peter and how even being erased from the world cannot completely shatter that bond. It is truly one of the most poignant relationships ever on TV. Very few others have gotten to me with such frequency and intensity.


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